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01Digital Talent Sourcing

The Supply

The Supply is a strategic digital talent sourcing firm. A bit of a shift from the traditional recruiting grind. Coming from a background in digital production, The Supply successfully consults and assists in presenting relevant top digital talent to likeminded companies, and the other way around.


02Services Provided

  • Digital Talent Recruiting: Helping clients identify and find exactly what they need on a one-off search basis.
  • Digital Talent Hiring Strategy: Consulting with clients to help decide what type of talent they need for a certain project or role.
  • Digital Talent Pipeline Sourcing: Proactively providing clients pre-vetted sourcing lists to keep their pipeline ready.


“ In today's digital world, things are shifting way too fast to only be supported by traditional staffing methods. Matching keywords on a resume, without understanding a digital project, just isn't cutting it.

Talent recruiters and reps now need to think more like top digital strategists and producers; knowing exactly what the project or campaigns consists of, and what is needed to execute.

Coming from a digital production background at top agencies, The Supply can do just that. Look at the project details with you, talk the language, examine the needs, and deliver. ”


  • Startups
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Digital Production Shops
  • Digital Marketing In–House
  • Product Strategy Teams

05Giving Back

We’re excited for the next generation of creatives. Which is why we give a portion of our profits to charities that are aligned with our vision.
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